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What to do before the trial - tips and tricks for a successful bridal makeup trial

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Thorough preparation is the key not only for a wedding day, but for the Bridal makeup trial as well.

What are the steps to make sure you and your beauty service provider are on the same page for creating a timeless makeup for your wedding day?

Let them know what you like in makeup before your bridal makeup trial

  • First, send your makeup artist a selfie/photo of yourself wearing your usual makeup with hair down. CHOOSE A PICTURE WHERE YOU LOVE HOW YOU LOOK.

  • Research, save and share makeup/hair inspiration images of bridal looks you like.

Let them know what you don't like

Sometimes we are not sure if we want to add a little oomph or leave it as we are used to wearing makeup. In that case makeup sure to tell your makeup artist what you definitely don't want to see on yourslef for the wedding day, Maybe its a dark lip or shimmering eyeshadows or any countouring, any detail you can share will help to makeup your bridal makeup trial successful.

Dress in clothes that reminds your wedding dress top

  • It's prferrable to a white top to your trial

  • If your wedding dress has an open decollete area, it's better to where a low cut top.

If your wedding dress top covers the shoulders then wear a buttoned dress shirt or a shirt with elements that reminds your wedding dress.

Prepare the skin-great makeup astarts with great skin

  • Try to exfoliate, tone and moisturise the day before the trial

  • Drink plenty of water the week before the trial.

  • Use products with humectants that attract moisture to the top layer of the skin.

  • Avoid getting sunburned

  • If you're planning to get a spray tan, do a test run a day before the bridal makeup trial that will save us time on your wedding day on the foundation rematch,

  • Do a lip scrub and a lip mask, to make lip products adhere and look better.

Don't wear any makeup for your appointment, we will start with the clean face anyway, so I will have to remove any traces of previous makeup.

Don't be afraid to hurt makeup artist's feelings

  • Don't leave your trial with a feeling that you wished the MUA would have fixed some flaws or changed the color of your lipstick. It's makeup and it's not permanent and if you fell like you would like to add or remove something, say it there and then.

  • If something is itching or very uncomfortable, let the MUA know as well. If you are not used to wearing a lot of makeup and it feels like too much foundation, or lashes are too long , don't hesitate to mention that. Professinals take critisism professionally and are eager to adjust according to the prefernces of the client.

  • If you discover something didn't feel right or you want ti change the colors or add more lashes, shoot your MUA a quick follow-up message regarding any additional requests and changes.

  • When you book a bridal trial you book a certain time slot, so if you send as much information as possible to your MUA in advance , it is more likely you will have enough time to try more looks duing your bridal makeup trial.

Most of the brides who follow the tips and and don't afraid to follow up and ask for changes, get amazing results on their wedding day.

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