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How to prepare skin for bridal makeup

Updated: Dec 14, 2023


Your wedding day makeup will look the best is the skin is well prepped and hydrated.

These are the most asked questions or concerns I get regarding preparation for makeup trial or wedding day makeup.

For dry skin I always recommend to start from within.

  • Even if you think that you drink plenty of water, it might still be not enough for the skin on the face, since water first goes to the most vital internal organs and muscles, connective tissue and only after that supplies the skin. Also your face is the most exposed and environmentally vulnerable area so you might need some extra water to bring hydration to the surface area of your facial skin.

  • Use the products that contain humectants - sodium hyaluronate or hyaluronic acid, polyglutamic acid. The hydrating products that we use for dry skin include humectants - the ingredients that bind with moisture in your body, so the more you drink the better they they work binding with H20 and bringing it to the surface of your skin for glowy makeup look on your wedding day. Look for those above in the ingredients list.

  • Avoid using retinoids and BHAs or salicylic acid containing products at least 2 weeks before the trial or your special event. They might overdry your skin if used too often and makeup can look flakey

  • Exfoliate!!! if you don't use exfoliator on a regular basis, it's time to start. Put it in the shower and use it 2 times a week to remove dead skin cells. Sometimes the skin may feel dry and dull just because moisturizers and serums can't penetrate the layer of the skin that hasn't been exfoliated. you help your skin to absorb moisture and oils if the is not a layer of skin that doesn't have living cells in it and just need some extra help to be removed. Dry skin also needs to be exfoliated, any dermatologist will tell you that. If you use acids or retinoids, it might not require this 2 times a week, only every other week, but if you don't use those products , you should exfoliate at least 2 days before you are going to get your bridal makeup done.

For Oily or Combo skin

  • The key is not to overdry the surface of your skin while controlling oils.

I recommend using hydrophilic oil as your base cleanser. It is a miracle product that binds with your oils and dirt on the surface and when you add water it turns into milky solution that removes all impurities without making your skin too dry or oily. It's not an oil-based makeup remover, it Cleansing Oil that you aplly all over the DRY face with Dry hands, working it into your skin , then add water, which emulsifies the products and then you wash it all off with lukewarm water. It sounds like a labor intensive procedure, but it makes all the difference for those who have combination or normal to oily skin and would like to prepare it for the wedding day makeup application with the best results.

  • The other important step is using a toner that helps to limit the overproduction of oils and return skin ph to more acidic levels for better absorbtion of serums and moisturizers. look for alcohol free toners and those that dont contain salycilic acid since they can overdry the surface and the wedding makeup can appear patchy.

  • One of the most important steps for every skin type, especially for those who have combo and oily skin is to exfoliate your skin before the event, but better - on the regular basis! The best type of exfoliators that I've used in my esthetics practice dont strip your skin, don't contain beads. Those are the ones that contain fruit enzymes or cellulose that leave your skin supple and radiant

  • The last but not least - use only oil-free moisturizer for a week before your wedding day or special event makeup application.

Why ? Oils in the moisturiser can combine with sebum in your pores and make it impossible even for the most durable foundation to stay for the whole day since the oils overproduction can melt makeup off your skin.

If you plan to get a spray tan or natural tan

  • If you are planning to spend some time on the sun between the trial and your wedding day, please do so carefully. No makeup can cover sunburn or flakeyness, if the skin starts to peel. In addition to that, if your decollete gets significantly darker than the face I will have do use a darker foundation on your face to color match the chest, so it might look a little different than you expect.

  • if you are planning to get a spray tan it's recommended to be done 2-3 days before the event. It will have time to absorb evenly and any residue to be washed off in advance.

Facial hair removal to prepare skin for bridal makeup

If you never tried dermaplaning, please don't try it on the week of the event! Do it only if you know how your skin reacts. If you know that your skin tolerates it well and doesn't get irritated or red, that's a great way to get facial hair removed and exfoliate at the same time, but it's definitely not for everyone.

Waxing and treading should be done not less than 2 days before the day of wedding makeup application.

If you plan to get a facial or a chemical peel.

Facials are a great way to prepare skin for bridal makeup, give your skin an extra boost of hydration and exfoliation, if they are done 2 or 4 weeks before the event.

Hydrafacials are great to give your skin extra glow and radiance, chemical peels are also amazing for those who would like to resurface textured skin but they need to be done 5 weeks before the event, so the skin has time to heal.

Extractions can bring put the impurities that havent surfaced yet and the process that is knows as "purging" may take place. This is normal for all skin types and it gives your skin the ability to regenerate itslelf.

So those types of facials have downtime and require 3-4 weeks for your sin to be ready for flawless wedding makeup results.

If you plan to get eyelash extensions or eyelash lift before your wedding

Please try them 3-6 months before the wedding day if you've never tried them before, because they can be irritating when the makeup is being applied and removed, but if you absolutely loved them, go for it!

For product recommendations, please reach out to me and I can give suggestions what worked for the brides in the past.



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