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Things to do in Windham NY other than skiing

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

One of the best things to do in Windham NY in the winter time is to go to the tubing park

The whole family or a group of friends will enjoy the fun go snow tubing down the hill at the Windham Adventure Park. On the busy day there are several lanes open. It’s less crowded on the weekdays than on the weekends. Also, there is availability for groups. If you reach out to the tubing park manager, you can bring a big company and reserve a couple lanes just for yourselves andyou don’t need to stand in the line. At the tubing park you don't have to be outside the whole time or go tubing with your kids, you can stay indoors in the lodge with the fireplace and a cafeteria where you can have a snack. Also, you can sit on the porch at the firepit with a smore or not. There are also snow mobiles available at the tubing park for the kids, but they can booked only in person, you can’t book them online. Howerever, the Tubing session can be booked online, which is very convenient.

For more info visit Windham Mountain Club wesbite here

Tubing park porch in Windham NY
Tubing Park in Windham at night

Take a yoga class

You don’t need to bring any equipment to your yoga class at the Alpine Spa where they offer yoga mats and all the equipment that you need to do yoga. The Alpine Spa has a spacious sunny studio for yoga and exercises. They offer private lessons and group lessons for all levels of yoga fans.

woman doing youga

Reservations are required to book your class.

Saturday are always a peak time and the class is full, but on other days of the week, you can either get a private lesson and enjoy one on one yoga or you can book a lesson for yourself and the friends, which also will count as a private lesson, but you get to enjoy it together in the small group.

Check the Alpine Spa booking system to reserve your spot

Warm-up in the steam room or sauna at the Alpine Spa

Don't like cold? Wondering what other things to do in Windham NY while there are freezing temperatures outside and you love tropics? We have a place for you to stay warm.

If you love dry heat it’s great to visit the sauna at the Alpine spa. For more secluded and quiet experice get a facility pass and go during the week, not on a weekend, because it can be crowded. It will help you warm up in the cold weathe and relax your muscles and joints and help you get into the mood of relaxation and ease the burdens of the day. Then you can enjoy a cup of tea in the cozy relaxation lounge next to the fireplace at the Alpine spa. If you like quiet and calm, that’s the place to go. Consider also going to the steam room, it is great if you’re prone to sinus infections or if you like moist heat and if you want to boost your system during the winter time. Attending the steam room is considered a hydrotherapy which makes you sweat profusely, detoxifying your body and improving fluid movement and blood circularion. The moist heat is not as hot there as in the sauna. The Alpine Spa also has showers so you can take a shower after your hydrotherapy treatments. at the Alpine Spa.

woman enjoying sauna

Pamper your skin with dermaplaning

Get the instant glow and peach fuzz free face ready for any special occasion and dead cells free, With the holistic organic skin care treatments at the Alpine Spa that are not only beneficial for your skin after skiing but also relaxing you will get to another level of relaxation. If you like the sense of hot towels and steam on your face, with the baby bottom smothness , this is the best treatment you can get. The natural ingredients in Naturopathica products that are used in the Alpine spa will help calm your skin down and bring it to the normal PH state after being outside in the cold and protect from environmental stress factors.

Dermaplaning and facials at the Alpine Spa

Get coffee at one of the coffee shops

There are not a lot of places in Windham to get coffee and they’re not chain based coffee shops, but there are certain places that serve excellent coffee

  • For double espresso visit Windham Local which is right in thecanter of the town and they serve excellent coffee for coffee lovers.

  • Another place to go for coffee is Babbler's Café and restaurant in Wilder Wyndham which is located on the 17 acres of land and has magnificent views of golf course and Windham mountain. Babbler's also offers a variety of baked goods and pastries. If you stay there long enough, you can also get lunch, which is excellent and the portions are big.

  • If you’re on a run and just want a simple coffee, go to a Hickory Hill Market, which it’s not just an ordinary gas station. It has a variety of coffee choices and a self-serve machine with coffee. It also has a pretty great variety of deli and snacks for all times. It boasts a walk-in beer fridge with tons of beers and ciders for all tastes. They have a built-in pizza oven where they make the thinnest crust pizza in town.

Visit the Orpheum theater in Tannersville

The Orpheum theater is located 20 minutes away from Windham, but a lot of Windham residents go there to see state of the art programs organized by Catskill Mountain foundation from dance to poetry to classical music to ballet. You will be amazed what level of performance you can see at the Orpheum theater for local theater. It is a great opportunity to visit outstanding performers from all over the world, and if you don’t have time to go see them in the city you are travlling from, that’s the place to go because they pick only the best programs to perform there.

Check out the programs at Orpheum

musician playing a violin

Attend an art gallery in on Main Street

Located in center of Windham the Windham Fine Arts has different exhibitions of featured artists. They also host events for music performances and their program "Art, Music and Friends" is old time’s favorite for locals and guest of Windham.

Check out Windham Arts website

Attend the magic show

Called by TripAdvisor #1 thing to do in Windham based on visitors reviews,

Sean Doolan‘s Magic on Main gathers public from all around in the historic building on Main Street in Windham.

He has a very interactive magical routines and demonstrates how he can trick your mind when you are thinking, you’re going insane.

You can also hire Sean for private events because he is great at entertaining public of all ages. Be that a corporate event, a wedding or just a family gathering , Sean will do magic tricks for you and your kids and you'll be surprised how much laugh you can get out of one magic show.. 12zxcvbfdfdcabcd

Book the Magic show here

Go to the excellent playground in Maplecrest in CD Lake Park

If you have kids and was wondering where to take them so they don’t get bored in Windham - the wonderful place that you can go is CD Lane Park. CD Lane Park has a fun playground. It’s safe it’s spacious. It’s on the lake. It has a basketball court and it also has a beach that is open for public to swim in the summertime . CD Lane Park is a heart of Windham summer activities. It is alsoequipped with charcoal grill stations so you can have a picnic with your family or take your dog for a long walk there. If you haven’t been there, it’s a hidden gem of Windham and your should visit.

Playground at cd lane park in windham

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